Why is Bathing Like Motivation?


The great motivational speaker and business pitchman Zig Ziglar was quoted: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

How would that apply to us in emergency management?

Why is Bathing Like Motivation??? I’m glad you asked that question.

The point, I believe, that Ziglar was trying to make is that you cannot go long without a bath or personal hygiene; and that motivation is just as necessary.  It is a constant that needs to be in our lives.  But still, how does that correlate to those of us in Emergency Response?

Here’s how:

Emergency Responders need a constant supply of motivation to face the myriad of incidents that we respond to.  We have to constantly train and constantly maintain situational awareness, as we take part in all hazard response modes.  That process continually causes a drain on us mentally and physically.  Just like bathing, we need to provide and be provided a routine dose of motivation.

I am not talking about the “over the top” gratuitous praise that is empty and self-serving.  I am talking about the empowering encouragement that acknowledges progress and the accomplishment of a job well done.  As Officers we should find the proper opportunities to motivate our coworkers and subordinates.

Use motivation, as a guide for change.  Use motivation, when in the process of teaching.  Use motivation to keep the  “wheels on the wagon”.  Use motivation to gain clarity.  Use motivation to build confidence.  Use motivation to “refill the tank”, after an exhaustive or complex incident.  Use motivation in your regular “post-incident analysis”!

Most people bath for hygienic reasons; some for mental health, religious reasons or spiritual renewal.  Some don’t bath for just as many reasons.

Zilglar is on to something; motivation and baths do not last.  Both are needed on the regular!

Stay safe and I’ll Smell you later!   LOL

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