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John Alston has been a member of the Jersey City Fire Department for 31 years. He is a published author and trainer, #fireofficertrust. Since the age of 4, John has wanted to be a Firefighter. In the Jersey City Fire Department, John commands the First Battalion which covers the middle third of the City. This assignment includes the Holland Tunnel, the PATH Rail System, Ellis Island, Liberty Park, City Hall, 5 fire Stations, 10 Fire Companies, the Safety Officer; Mask Service Unit, the C.B.R.N.E. Fire Boat and the High-rise / Tunnel Unit, the Rescue Company and Squad 4.

A Bad Day for a Great Officer.

This graphic video is not to second guess or “armchair quarterback” an incident.  It is, however, a brief snapshot into an evolving incident.  A snapshot that allows all of us, who “are of the cloth” (Blue), to say,there but for the Grace of God...”.

Our thoughts and prayers are extended to our Fresno Family.

There has been a lot of discussion and, as always, that is how we learn and hone our craft.

Anyone with further information…please, respectfully, post in the comment section.         Stay safe out there…

Know Your Enemy!!!

Learn all you can about fire behavior and fire dynamics!


The Big Move…

It’s really not a big move at all.

I am working in so many areas that it became apparent that I needed a media apparatus that could keep up with me.  WordPress was suggested a long time ago and as with most folks…change came slowly.

Let me know what you think.  I have been importing articles and posts from my other sites, so I apologize if you have “Seen that Before”… lol.

Maybe you’re like me and when you view something again…you see something you missed or never saw before…

At the very least, chalk it up to me trying to organize my thoughts in one place…

You try doing that and let me know how you make out….

Be well…